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Vocal Coaching for Choirs
Vocal Technique According to Style

The workshop gives understanding about the different ways of using your voice in a healthy way. Whether your singing Pop-, Jazz-, Classical-, Worldmusic etc.: In this workshop the Choir-singers will be taught the differences in vocal-techniques for the different vocal styles, which will enable them to hear and feel the possibilities of their instruments.

With the possibilities thus required, we can focus on the Choir-Sound, by way of making each individual singer aware of his/her function in the Choir. It is very important that the Choir-director is present during the whole workshop!

The workshop is accessible for every level. The introduction of vocal-technique is done in everyday-language, illustrated with examples that everyone will recognize. Usually there is a lot of laughing during this introduction, which helps to make people feel comfortable very quickly.

You can contact Harjo by way of the contact-form for a workshop-schedule. Naturally this schedule can be adjusted on some points to the needs and wishes of the choir and the director.

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